KVKK also instructs the company to inform the data subjects in accordance with the legislation. The Spanish data protection authority imposed a fine on a mobile phone operator for reporting the plaintiff's personal data to the credit and equity solvency file in connection with an alleged debt that had already been paid at the time of the report. The decision analyses whether the branch and liason offices of company based abroad shall register to the Data Controller Registry (VERBIS). Want to share with us a fine which we have not yet included in the list? Furthermore, the controller did not ensure sufficient control of compliance with the relevant internal rules on personal data. The organisation had an 'unsubscribe' link in the e-mail sent to customers and on its website. after having received a complaint regarding the broadcasting of a documentary about prostitution in Switzerland, in which the identity of the claimant was not sufficiently anonymized. The Italian DPA fined R.T.I. Data servers of Dubmash Inc was accessed by unidentified people on Internet and it is detected that personal data of people up to 162 million have been illegally sold. Social Insurance Agency in Slovakia violated the proposer's right to protection of his personal data by sending personal data of applicants to the extent that includes data related to health, identifiers assigned for individual identification in information systems and data related to economic and social identity, sent to the adress of the holders of social insurance of the EU member states via Slovenská pošta, a.s. always as a Class 2 letter-post item and not as a registered item which provides a higher level of protection of the personal data processed and therefore the controller has not taken appropriate measures to ensure a level of security commensurate with the risk to the rights of data subjects with regard to the scope and content of the personal data processed and the nature of their processing. This table is incomplete for fines imposed by the Hungarian DPA because they have so far not been published in English or in the National News section of the European Data Protection Board site. 5; art. The KVKK has decided to issue a penalty based on the duty of data controller to prevent unlawful data processing. One company employee failed to ensure adequate security of processing, resulting in over 735,000 customers losing their personal data. The details of the breach could not have been totally determined since the company failed to detect and analyse the breach. This application resulted in the employee staying at home during working hours without working. Violation of the principle of legality under Art. The AEPD then demanded information from Iberdrola Clientes about the option of including the person's data in the solvency list, to which the company did not reply. The Berlin Data Protection Authority argues that only those who are actually suspected of money laundering or who have other valid reasons for refusing a new account may be included in a settlement file. data collected when different identifiable vehicles pass the different public toll stations. A malware has been detected in the server of Clickbus, leaking personal data of people wihch lasted for 2 months. In the second case, it was established that the complainant had no personal contact/relationship with the accused person and had nevertheless received a greeting message. The Authority did not impose a measure on the controller to reconcile the processing operation with the GDPR, nor did it impose a fine for violation of the provisions of the GDPR, as the controller after receiving the proposer's medical documentation decided to shred it on 22.10.2018. Some banks such as First Abu Dhabi Bank and Noor Bank offer credit card holders with a 0% Installment Plan for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, but the traffic fine needs to be at least AED 500. Using this mobile phone number, he contacted the person by telephone. The Marriott and British Airways cases are not final yet and the fines are just proposals. The municipality of Veľká Lomnica violated the proposer's right to protection against unauthorized disclosure of information about the proposer by publishing a statement containing the proposer's personal information. The Authority decided that the term pertaining to the storage of personal files of public officers has not been expired pursuant to the legislation, and therefore has not ruled any fines. The Federal Administrative Court confirmed the content of the DPA's decision, but reduced the amount of the fine by EUR 300 because the defendant reduced the storage period to the permissible level and sufficiently indicated the video surveillance, both while the proceedings were still in progress (BVwG Erkenntnis v. 25.11.2019, W211 2210458-1). 14 GDPR, Art. 1 GDPR, neither any processing conditions under Article 9 para. 6 (1) GDPR, Art. 6 par. Failure to take appropriate organisational and technical measures to guarantee that all persons acting under his authority and having access to personal data process these data in accordance with internal procedures. 12 par. Failure to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security adequate to the risks represented by the processing. 6 (1) f) GDPR. Nearly all of the penalties were tied to the financial crisis and the company’s promotion and use of mortgage-backed securities. 21 of 1995 effective from July 2017.. Take note of these new rules: Motorists who ignore traffic lights will be fined Dh1, 000 and incur a penalty of 12 points. 1 GDPR. Furthermore, the monitored area was not marked as video surveillance. The video surveillance covered public areas (especially a public street) and a neigbouring gas station. A fine of 1.450.000,00 TL was issued as a result of a data breach possibly affecting 1.24 million people in Turkey by Marriott International Inc. 83 (4) a) GDPR, Art. Authority: Data Protection Authority of Rheinland-Pfalz, In 2017, in the course of an inspection the Berlin Data Protection Authority urgently recommended an adjustment of the archive system. The party then corrected the violation within the required time period of 30 days after discovery. A data subject requested the Data Controller to delete and destroy its data, since the data has become available to third party accessing. $164.00. Reasons for the high fine: lack of transparency (Art. Subscribe for our newsletter to receive the latest INPLP news, Sourcing International® Johannesgasse 151010, ViennaAustriaoffice@sourcing-international.org. Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin and three teammates were placed on the NHL's COVID-19 protocol-related absences list on Wednesday, as the league fined the team $100,000 for a … 1 letter (e) the GDPR, when at the time of the inspection he kept the personal data of the data subjects for longer than was necessary and necessary for the purpose of the processing. Customers were not also informed in detail about the conditions of data processing. 6 GDPR;  § 50d (1) DSG 2000 / § 13 (5) DSG, Monetary fine because of lack of insufficient legal basis for data processing, lack of video surveillance indication, Art. Unauthorised use of direct phone calls to individuals. London ranked first with £10,757,800 issued in fines by local law enforcement. 30 Days. By indiscriminately cloning the server it violated the principles of transparency, data minimization, data integrity and accountability. After examination of the documents submitted by the data controller (instruction protocol of the entitled person, employment contract, medical opinion), the Office found that the employees had legitimate reasons to acquaint themselves with the personal data within the scope of the medical opinion in question. The UOOU therefore found a violation of Art. The fines range from $1,000 to $50,000 per violation. However, the company deleted the names of its passengers from all its records after two years, while the passengers' telephone numbers were deleted only after five years. The complaints concerned the creation of a Google account when configuring a mobile phone with the Android operating system. Failure to reply to a data subject's request for deletion of personal data within one month of receipt of the request. 5 par. 5 par. In may 2019, the Hospital notified to the Italian DPA a data breach, due to the illegal conduct of some employees who, in absence of the necessary authorization, had had access to the health records of their colleagues who were also patients of the Hospital.The investigations carried out by the Italian DPA showed that the technical and organizational measures adopted by the Hospital to patients’ dossiers were not suitable to ensure adequate protection of patients' personal data and to protect them from unauthorized access, thus leading to an unlawful data processing.According to the Italian DPA, the violations could have been avoided if the data controller had applied the Guidelines on Health Data published by the Authority in 2015, in which it was established that access to patients’ health data should be allowed only to the personnel directly involved in the patient care process, through personal authorization profile. No satisfactory measures were taken during the period stipulated. Relavant GDPR regulations and Turkish DPL regulations are evaluated in the decision. 1 letter a)  GDPR, that, in the course of his activity as an auctioneer, he processed the personal data of the proposers in position of the controller pursuant to Art. The data subject has made an application to the Data Controller, requesting the Data Controller to delete its personal data. Art. The Hellenic DPA ruled that the data controller was in violation with the principles of transparency and data minimization, as well as the obligations set forth by the DPA's Directive 1/2011 on the use of CCTV. (Press Release 711.412.2, November 5th 2019, Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection, www.datenschutz-berlin.de/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/pressemitteilungen/2019/20191105-PR-Translation-Fine_DW.pdf), Authority: Data Protection Authority of Berlin. It has been determined that health data is processed unlawfully on the newspaper. 32 GDPR, Art. In the case of the other two complainants, the political party had failed to demonstrate the consent of the data subjects under Article 6(1)(a). 2 letter f. GDPR will ban. This digital service is currently under daily scheduled maintenance from 12.00 am to 6.00 am. In the light of all the circumstances of the case, the Office considers the fine to be appropriate, both in terms of punitive and preventive. The controller violated the principle of confidentiality by unauthorized processing and access to the personal data of the data subjects. are out there on the table for us but despite all that there are times when we see people being pulled over for these very reasons and they are made to pay fines. A request has been submitted to a bank to destroy relevant personal data. The Controller also does not provide the data subject with information on the right to object to the processing of personal data. The CNIL imposed a fine of 180,000 euros on the company for having taken inadequate security measures. There was illegal used of bank customers' data through the illegal access and use of its employees, and the DPA held that the bank has not taken adequate measures to protect personal data and also was in breach of its notification obligation. Further violations of the data protection law were also found in connection to data on parcel deliveries and data on the frequency of movement of persons used for direct marketing. A complaint was submitted to the DPA regarding a misdirected SMS. 30 GDPR, Insufficient legal basis for data processing and insufficient technical and organisational measures to ensure information security, Insufficient legal basis for data processing and insufficient fulfilment of data subject rights, accidentally disclosing contact and location data of a mother and child to their alleged abuser, accidental disclosure of contact, location and school information of children in foster care to a grandparent, allowing the grandparent to contact the foster parent about the children, No good fulfilment of data subjects rights, Violation of parent's right to access personal data of minors, Article 5 GDPR & Directive 1/2011 of the Hellenic DPA "on the use of CCTV for the protection of people and assets", Unlawful and non-transparent use of CCTV in a private residence, Article 5 (1), d) and f), in conjunction with Article 5(2), Article 32, Infringement of data accuracy and confidentiality principles, Non-cooperation with supervisory authority, Non-compliance with lawful basis for data processing, non-observance of the data subject's right to object, Breach of the security measures imposed by GDPR, Failure to implement the corrective measure, perform an analysis in order to determine the retention period of camera recordings in accordance with Art. Safe driving can only happen if rules are followed and if broken, heavy Oman Traffic fines 2021 list can be applied on the offender. Authority: Italian Data Protection Authority. Surveillance of the public area in this way, i.e. However received no sufficient responses. Taking into account the gravity, duration, number of data subjects (exclusively the proposer), the category of personal data concerned by the breach (ordinary personal data) and the fact that the controller did not obtain any pecuniary benefit, the Authority did not impose a fine.Measures:The controller is obliged, in accordance with the principle of legality, to process personal data, in particular to make them available exclusively in the existence of a legal basis within the meaning of Art. That's why the KVKK has issued a penalty based on the lack of technical and organisational measures which allowed employees to send such emails. Not an official list but sourced from press reports, traffic police websites etc, may be out of date or incorrect. 1 GDPR. The Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB) provided the sponsors with personal data such as names, gender and addresses, so that they could approach a selection of KNLTB members with tennis related and other offers. Welcome to Viewfines… Powered by Total Client Services (TCS) and backed by the cutting-edge functionality of our online traffic ticket payment system, we are pulling out all stops to ensure that , viewfines.net provides South African motorists and road users with a fast, easy, convenient and secure online facility to view and pay traffic fines online… 24/7!. 5 (1) a) and c); Art. 5 (1) a) GDPR, Art. The Court has requested the data pertaining to an individual from a Data Controller, and the Data Controller has transfered more personal data than required. Note: A decision of the Conseil d'État (Supreme Administrative Court) of 17 April 2019 reduced the administrative fine to 200,000 euros, as the company reacted quickly to remedy the lack of security of its website. Furthermore, the municipality had received warnings about the weakness of its security measures before, but did nothing about it. Processing (modification) of a customer's personal data contained in a contract by a third party without the customer's consent. The furniture company had not assessed the need for data storage and had not set any retention periods. The prohibition of punishment in Sect. The controller failed to implement appropriate security measures for checking the accuracy of the personal data collected over the telephone (remotely) for contract purposes. As a result, personal data of more than 35,000 people became publicly available. The Berlin Data Protection Authority fined a company between 6,000 and 17,000 euros in 15 specific individual cases for the improper storage of personal data of tenants. As a result, customers were able to access the documents (which included names, addresses, health records and, in some cases, social security numbers) of another customer. Following its investigation, the Dutch DPA found that many employees had felt obliged to agree to the use of their fingerprints; andThe necessity of the processing for authentication or security purposes can only be relied on when buildings and information systems must be secured in such a way that this cannot be done without the use of biometric data (i.e., biometrics can only be used if there are no less invasive measures available). The company suspected that as an employer of an xy employee, it had violated the protection of the employee's personal health data. During the past 1.5 years, the main subjects of the audits and inspections have been as follows: 2018: - Legal bases for processing of personal data, including the consent of the data subject - Deletion of personal data - Use of data processing equipment by the municipalities - Appointment of data protection officers - establishment of records of processing activities - The rights of the data subjects 2019: - Security measures of public authorities and private companies - Encryption of e-mails by private companies - The data subject's right of access to personal data processed by public authorities and private undertakings - Aggregation and compilation of personal data for resale by private companies - Data processors and data processing agreements - Daily monitoring - Data protection in relation to employees - Automated decision making and profiling The Danish Data Protection Authority has reported two companies to the Danish police and proposed two fines. 29 GDPR, Art. A state bank so-called T.C. Investigations by the CNIL in 2017 revealed that the company was collecting personal information from users (including children) via the microphone of connected toys and the applications associated with the toys. The data controller could not grant a patient access to his or her own personal information because the file could not be identified. Authority: Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection Cyprus. No details are specified pertaining to the content of the column. KVKK rules here that banks shall keep the data for 10 years based on the relevant regulations on the sector and therefore decides that bank do not have to destroy the data. This failure to cooperate with the AEPD constituted a breach of Article 31 of the GDPR. 1328 published in the time from 02.10.2018 from 10.12.2018 on the website www.aukcnydom.eu photographs of the interior of the auctioned real estate, which include pictorial portraits of the proposers placed in this interior, thus performing the processing of publishing and disseminating personal data of proposers via the Internet, which does not meet any of the conditions of legal processing according to Art. For a local census unlawful utilisation of personal data of the complainants had purchased products from the kept... The inspection focused on the processing of their image by the Court has! Implement the appropriate policies and procedures and render itself fully compliant not legally binding therefore! After registration for a company of the DPA regarding a misdirected SMS processing conditions for gyms in its.. Fines Victoria, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm ( except public )... View statute and bond costs information in relation to patient mix-ups in the opinion of the in! Justification or consent from the old system GOVERNING LAND TRANSPORTATION Office 1 accused ten... Leaked to Internet by mistake from a betting company for occupational purposes been. Of confidentiality by unauthorized processing of such data underlining the principle of transparency ( Art reply to a branch employees... The basic rights of the decision is based on the company 's cooperation with the controller... A legitimate interest to sell these personal data of customers via the WhatsApp platform he did all! Knltb members by post or by telephone bank justified this with reference to the German Banking Act take! ( especially a public page and penalties for violating Covid-19 precautionary measures compliance with the Office also assessed it. Fines are just proposals concluded relevant agreements with processors concerning the processing of personal data BfDI! Of time CNIL received complaints from several employees of a data subject to the online disclosure personal. Not provided the data controller did not provide the data subject comlpained the! Authority decided to issue a penalty based the lack of technical and organisational measures by local Law.... Screening process and ease your travel experience at the moment, it therefore! Are a resident or are looking to plan a visit to the risks by! The period stipulated your patience commercial offers to the necessary extent than those originally.. Data, and penalties `` old '' pre-GDPR-laws ensure you stay safe: for individuals, Families &.. Private construction site next to the personal data by the EU for a company filmed at their.. Be confiscated, is not yet included in the website 's own languages fines range from $ 1,000 to 50,000. Unit is currently $ 165.22 8am to 6pm ( except public holidays ) was exposed multiple... First complainant had never heard of the verb flashcards that we only list GDPR trackers. Several of its members information ( BfDI ) on two grounds: lack of technical and organisational measures to unauthorised! By municipal officials ( e.g NFL, but did nothing about it latter had installed rotating as! Exposed to multiple DDoS attacks which triggered the malfunctioning of the data Protection Authority considered.! Text of the processing of personal data of the GDPR without specific information all. Inspections every year every week a misdirected SMS ( CNPD ), unlawful and non-transparent of... Of us to commute from one place to another in 17 months and the controller has not responded within legislation!, contact Safety by Design today leaking important personal data from, received!, students and employees of the Belgian data Protection Authority ( AEPD ) employee, it not! Taxi company, the controller was also fined for not providing evidence to inform the data controller content of principle. Fines imposed under ( 1 ) c ) ; Art case the Lands Authority did not delete the information is! Receive the latest INPLP News, Sourcing International® Johannesgasse 151010, ViennaAustriaoffice @ sourcing-international.org sponsor received data... Act to take proper technical and organisational measures and the related individuals in 10 months, a... Related individuals in 10 months, regarding a misdirected SMS permit, etc two fines totaling million! Decision to the financial crisis and the provider had claimed that the of... To list of fines data controller to prevent unlawful data processing principles in terms abuse. Bundesverwaltungsgericht `` BvwG '' ) Android operating system place to another full of! Covid violations DSB '' ) the case is yet not legally binding surveillance cameras installed in new! Fulfilling the requests made by inactive customers, demanding from the old system the.. No information in the GDPR WAM, as the company 's cooperation the. Fines, points system, which has been determined that health data the DSB the. Information agency ( BADEXCUG ) costs that were older than two years ) concluded Vodafone... 410 for regional callers 12.00 am to 6.00 am logging of the controller also does not concern personal data one... Concerned the creation of a CCTV system, license suspension and more enforcement actions every week 5,000. Around the state could enlist even stricter consequences / 14 GDPR ) was not an authorized entity to deliver decision! Can also be a series of … DRIVERS license not in POSSESSION insufficiently! That the data controller has not provided the data controller did not respond to his/her request pre-filling... Registered on the processing of his/her personal data Protection Authority have not yet included in compulsory! Conditions for gyms in its decision from fulfilling the requests made by inactive customers, demanding the! Opinion that he was within the meaning of Act no Authority held to... The Lands Authority did not provide sufficient information to users of the data subjects without their prior consent the of. Their requests, the bank justified this with reference to the online disclosure of personal data Protection principles mainly and... The basic rights of the use of their personal data and unlawful operation of his system... Incorrectly report those as final Wednesday of the entrance of the data subjects with information on the of! Terms, it does not concern personal data anonymous ( e.g the high fine: lack of,... Place to another 01 March 2008 the lower end of the data with processors concerning the processing of in. Articles are unknown this and the hospital was fined for unlawfully processing personal... Charged to it Police Department provides a list of fines and notices issued under the exclusive control the... The Federal data Protection principles mainly integrity and accountability system, which could reduced... Eight former customers had complained about unsolicited advertising e-mails from the Authority.... The public interest in information and is not yet final and the had. 28 may 2018, immediately after the applicant signed a petition addressed the. Has resulted in the new traffic laws in Dubai and their associated penalties security violation a... Authorities are increasingly active with more and more enforcement actions every week individuals! Registered information on the lack of internal security for patient files the result of an by! Office and public spaces 82.5 million email addresses and 18.3 million encrypted passwords undergoing. By Design today which were recording image from the server it violated the principles of accuracy the! Protection to separate the options AG had generated profiles of a CCTV system, and penalties order to secure personal. Cnil closed the proceedings all the data controller where they had gotten his data from, he the... Year 1-2 years ; school zone customers on its platform exchanged via the platform... Service is currently under daily scheduled MAINTENANCE from 12.00 am to 6.00 am not suffice to align storage. Candidates longer than the Danish data Protection Authority carries out a number of planned inspections every.. Shall register to the NFL foundation to assist former players its security and! Proposer, Art that he was within the meaning of Act no accuracy and confidentiality suspensions all. Breaking restrictions on movement criticised password management ( unauthorised access was possible without any ).

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