Is your child doing cartwheels at the thought of being a cheerleader? progression learning and safety rules & techniques) including the introduction of skills that are the very foundation of Cheerleading today; including but not limited to: the Liberty, Elevator, Basket Tosses, Toss Stunts, and a wide variety of the advanced Pyramids. Also referred to as an "Awesome." Is your child doing cartwheels at the thought of being a cheerleader? The DDSS cheerleaders show off some of the basic stunts you learn when you first start cheerleading. Cheerleading skills were quickly developed (e.g. I n college, it can only be 2.5 body lengths tall. Always practice stunts on mats or pads. Like other athletic activities, safety precautions can help prevent injuries. General 1. Interruption of Routine: If your routine is interrupted because of failure of the competition equipment you will be permitted to restart your routine from the beginning. A stunt where a top person is in an upright (standing) position and has both feet together in the hand(s) of the base(s). Is your child doing cartwheels at the thought of being a cheerleader? Stunt Safety. Cheerleading has become a competitive, year-round sport that features complex acrobatic stunts, which has led to an increase in the number and severity of injuries, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Injuries linked to cheerleading may happen. Phone: (916) 239-4477 Fax: (916) 239-4478 The report provides some specific suggestions for improving the safety of cheerleading, hoping to reduce injuries. Mon., Oct. 22, 2012. There are a variety of cheer safety rules in place for a reason. Tweet. Practice safe stunts! Never attempt a stunt unless a coach is there. Today, it's often an athletic activity with a risk for injury. Follow these tips to help keep your young … B. It's not just a matter of standing on the sidelines looking good in a uniform. News > Nation/World Cheerleading needs sports safety rules, docs say. Cheerleading Safety. Cheerleading is regulated on all levels to ensure it is practiced and performed safely in gyms, high schools and colleges throughout the country. Share All sharing options for: Doctors throw red flags at minimal safety rules for daring cheerleader stunts. Cheerleading Safety. 2018-2019 USASF Cheer Safety Rules Released: January 31, 2018 - Effective 2018-2019 Season Sports By Kern Valley Sun / January 8, 2020 Share 0 . If your squad does lifts, tosses, or builds pyramids, make sure you follow these important safety rules. By: Metro Creative. Generally, the following cheerleading safety tips and rules should be followed throughout a cheer practice or performance: The pyramid height is restricted to 2 levels in high school. Cheerleading stunts require precision timing, extreme focus, and concentration. Posted by Thomas J. Ryan | Oct 27, 2012 | Footwear, Footwear People, Uncategorized, Update. Kristin Murphy, Deseret News. This Spirit Safety Certification course, brought to you by the NFHS and USA Cheer (formerly AACCA), provides information and strategies to help you evaluate your current safety program, with the goal of minimizing the risks involved in cheer and in dance teams that participate in tumbling and building stunts and pyramids. The committee unanimously voted for sweeping revisions to cheerleading safety rules, the most major of which restricts specific upper-level skills during basketball games. Today, it's often an athletic activity with a risk for injury. In a new policy statement released online Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 in the journal Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics says school sports associations should designate cheerleading as a sport, and make it subject to safety rules and better supervision. Stunting personnel safety was addressed in Rule 3-2-1c, a new addition to the NFHS Spirit Rules Book. Each coach is expected to know them before they take an online test. Full Playlist: these Cheerleader Lessons !!! All squads must have a qualified coach who makes sure to uphold the rules of cheerleading in practice as well as competitions. Making cheerleading a sport will put it under the control of an athletic department, which will in turn require that it follow the rules and regulations other sports follow and provide the benefits other sports have. Cheerleading now demands harder and harder stunts and activities. Single base or assisted single base EXTENDED stunts are not allowed in Tiny, Mini and Youth divisions. The rules cover safety concerns, restrictions and procedures for all-star cheerleading stunts. Safety Tips Photo courtesy of Metro For specific cheerleading stunt and safety questions that pertain to the USA Cheer/NFHS Spirt Rules Book, or to the 2020-2021 Jr. High/Middle School/Elementary Teams Show Cheer and Group Stunt Division Limitations please call 1-800-886-4872 ext 2039. Injuries linked to cheerleading may happen. Always use spotters for each and every stunt. All rules and division limitations may be downloaded above. Cheerleading now demands harder and harder stunts and activities. “As cheerleading evolves, we are constantly looking for ways to improve safety for all cheerleaders, and sometimes that means restricting or eliminating certain moves.” Rules changes affecting all cheerleaders include more stringent restrictions for partner stunts, pyramids and tosses. The NCAA and college conferences requires that college cheerleading programs follow the USA Cheer College Safety Rules at their events, which restrict what skills can be performed. 4658 Duckhorn Drive - Sacramento, CA 95834. *GHSA RULES CLINIC Cheerleading * *Georgia High School Association *151 S. Bethel Street *Thomaston, Ga 30286 *Phone: 706-647-7473 *Fax: 706-647-2638 *GHSA *Pam Carter *706-576-5397 (Home) *706-888-5309 (Cell) * *Work – 334-448-5123 (Phone); 334-448-5207 (Fax) *GHSA *Cheerleading Manuals, forms, scoring guides and rubrics may be downloaded from the … It's not just a matter of standing on the sidelines looking good in a uniform. 2. In level 5 stunting all rules almost remain the same pretty much for both restricted 5 and level 5. Rules for corresponding skill sets are in the resource section of the user profile on Cheerleading can be a physically demanding activity full of stunts, dancing and tumbling. More. … Most injuries are not serious, but the more complicated cheerleading stunts get, the greater the risk of concussions, back and neck injuries – and these are serious. Safety rules must be observed at all times. Cheerleading is one of the leading causes of sports injuries. A stunt may not pass above prep level. Cheerleading has changed a lot over the years. In addition to the game format, STUNT coaches are required to complete the USA Cheer Safety and Risk Management Course, which is required of all NCAA cheerleading coaches and most state high school athletics associations who require coaches’ sport-specific training. These rules are to be in effect for all practices, games, competitions and other performances. Injuries linked to cheerleading may happen. Stunts above prep level are not allowed (see definition of extended stunts in glossary). Cheerleading now demands harder and harder stunts and activities. Cheerleading Needs Sports Safety Rules. Regardless of how tempting it is to add one more element to stand out, never add a new move to the routine at the last minute. Be Aware of Common Cheerleading Safety Rules. As cheerleading stunts become more breathtaking, the trips to the emergency room are increasing. The coach has to make sure that athletes or squads don't move on to a more difficult skill until they have gained proficiency at the prior skills. In competition or on the field, make sure you only perform the stunts within your squad's ability level. It's not just a matter of standing on the sidelines looking good in a uniform. The pediatricians are urging cheerleaders to scale down their signature moves to reduce the risk of falls and catastrophic injuries, recommending, for instance, that pyramid stunts be limited to a height of no more than two people. Cheerleading squads should be placed under the direction of a qualified and knowledgeable coach. Stunt Groups, Partner Stunts & Individuals/Solos - Maximum 1 minute 15 seconds. Cheerleading Safety. The Idaho Press-Tribune, Charlie Litchfield, File, Associated Press stunts - Age affects the way children are hurt due to level of training (i.e. Reddit; Pocket; Email; Linkedin; Brigham Young University cheerleaders warm up before BYU plays San Jose State at the Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo. Today cheerleading is a very vigorous activity, which includes gymnastics, tosses, partner stunts and pyramid building. Clarification: Taking the top person above the head of the bases would be illegal. Free flipping stunts and transitions are not allowed. 3. Top person must receive primary support from a base. Single based split catches are not allowed. 2. The rule states that bases may not hold signs or other objects while supporting an extended stunt, which allows them to focus on providing stability for those at the top of the stunt. Even though cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for high school girls, injuries both catastrophic and small can … B. Make safety part of cheerleading. 5 Tips for Cheerleading Safety. AAU Cheerleading follows the rules established by USASF. Safety Rules Updated April 3, 2013 ... A. Pyramids must follow Level 1 "Stunts" and "Dismounts" rules and are allowed up to 2 high. If released to the performing surface, top person must land on their feet. Dismount: The ending movement from a stunt or pyramid that is released to a cradle or released to the performing surface. My recommendation for cheerleading safety and the reduction of catastrophic and other injuries is to make cheerleading a sport. Today, it's often an athletic activity with a risk for injury. FILE - In this Sept. 9, 2011 file photo, a cheerleader from Nampa High School is … Single leg extended stunts are allowed.

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