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Stonebrook Learning Center Tuition Costs

  • INFANTS (6weeks – 11 mos)
  • $190/wk
  • BABIES (12 – 17 mos)
  • $180/wk
  • TOT’S (18 – 24 mos)
  • $160/wk
  • 2’s
  • $145/wk
  • 3’s
  • $140/wk
  • 4’s
  • $135/wk
  • Pre-K Program (ALL DAY!)
  • $130/wk
  • K – 5th Grade (With Extended Care)
  • $145/wk
  • K -5th Grade (With Extended Care)
  • $629/monthly
  • K -5th Grade (8:00- 2:30)
  • $125/wk
  • K – 5th Grade (8:00- 2:30)
  • $542/monthly
  • Before & After (K-4th)
  • $12/day
  • Summer Program (K-5th)
  • $110/wk
  • Summer Program (K-5th) with Lunch
  • $120/wk
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